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The Digital Jam® Sessions bring together experts from across #Film, #Game, #TV, #Music, #Comics, #Theatre, #Transmedia, #VR, #AR #AI #XR, #Immersive Theatre, #Technology, #Innovation, New #Startups and much more. By bringing experts to the table to discuss areas they aren’t familiar with we create “naive experts®” to bring educated insights to the discussion but ask new questions and bring alternative perspectives.

Sep 25, 2015

@skype might have had a world wide outage but we still managed to get @laurajanewilson of @eOneUK and @runlairdrun of @oculus to join us this week to discuss the future of VR content development. We dig into the future for @oculus_rift storytelling and the future for immersive filmmaking.

The Digital Jam Sessions cover...

Sep 20, 2015

We're back with @Doctoe of @uk_ie @rainfallfilms and @davescook for round two. We're dialling it down a little for a slightly more relaxed "behind the scenes" approach. Get beneath the hood and hear what happens when geeks get together for a chat.

The Digital Jam Sessions cover a combination of different industries and...

Sep 13, 2015

This week we're joined by @raindance very own @elicab and @QwertyFilms @OliverKassman  returns to discuss all things indie filmmaking. The pro's and con's of web series versus short films for that crucial first project htrough to the future of streaming all get a mention this week.

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Sep 6, 2015

This week we're joined by @honestbrew @garyturner of @xero to discuss small business challenges and the future of accounting. Want a discount off some craft beer? hit up and use discount code DIGITALJAM. To get 50% off for six months with Xero you can use discount code XRO50OFFGG at