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The Digital Jam® Sessions bring together experts from across #Film, #Game, #TV, #Music, #Comics, #Theatre, #Transmedia, #VR, #AR #AI #XR, #Immersive Theatre, #Technology, #Innovation, New #Startups and much more. By bringing experts to the table to discuss areas they aren’t familiar with we create “naive experts®” to bring educated insights to the discussion but ask new questions and bring alternative perspectives.

Mar 27, 2015

Join @PeterRobinson81 of, @huckletree of and @tanyalairdof for the first Digital Jam Session.

Covering a combination of digital entrepreneurship and kids brands in this episode we discuss everything from summly, snapchat, Oculus Rift to Osmo, Kidscreen and even manage to talk playhubs, education, coworking spaces. Micro transaction for kids content and apps gets a look in whilst women in new startups gets a voice.

The Digital Jam Sessions cover a combination of different industries and expertise to create unique discussions, views and collaborations that create a new “digital melting pot” of diverse flavoursome topics. We’ll be focusing on entertainment and new startups but you'll also find topic areas such as augmented reality, virtual reality, movies, games, mobile, tech, wearables, ARG, immersive entertainment and much more. You never know who we'll get into the mix!